Ariston Ariston

On Demand Office

Complete Office When You Need It

Start on your dream project faster than you planned for!


We can help to put together complete office setup in matter of days. The office includes real estate building space, physical infrastructure, security, access control, electricity, computer network, desks, devices, laptops, printers, servers and any other equipment.


We also support with staffing with right skilled professionals, payrolls, recruitment etc.


All of this is with the commitment you sign up for.

Choose What Works For You

We can help you with either of our offerings or a combination:

  • Office Space
  • Office Infrastructure
  • Devices
  • Human Capital
Get the first hand experience, while limiting risks!


You can choose the tenure you want.


This can be useful when you are starting with your venture or adding an offshore location.

Leverage Our Rich Experience of Over 18 years with recruitment and professional services

  • Recruitment services for all levels
  • Staffing and Professional Services in technology domains
  • A network of our recruiters and customers in Oceania

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