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A convenient Parent-Teacher Communication App

Schools and parent communication have reached a crossroad in recent years thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and mobile apps. With more students staying at home and online classes on the rise it is now more important than ever that teachers and parents are able to stay connected. Parent -Teacher communication apps emerged as the remediable factor to this myriad of problems, helping teachers communicate with parents effectively and seamlessly.
Adopting a parent-friendly app that creates engagement and transparency is a must for all educators. Parents that are kept in the loop feel more empowered, better in control of their children’s learning and attainment, are more likely to be engaged and have a better attitude towards the school and the teaching staff too. For teachers, having up-to-date knowledge of students’ home situations, on a week-by-week and sometimes day-to-day basis, allows for better understanding of students' needs and requirements so they can better meet them.


Bridgit is an easy-to-use app that enables better communication between parents and teachers. It serves as a platform to share documents, homework, surveys, lists, events, photos of activities, request appointments or ask questions.

Customised Dashboards

The advantage is CIOs and Tech-heads can have dashboards that are customizable under different metrics and get a one-stop insight into the performance and deliverables.

Simple Adaptable Interface

The user experience looks much like a typical social networking platform, and the focus is on providing a space for teachers and parents to share and communicate. The Bridgit app allows for quick check-ins with parents through documentation, pictures, events, appointments, and more which gives parents a chance to understand their child’s experiences.

All Inclusive Dashboards

Bridgit is the place to communicate, get assignments, monitor grades, and track their child's progress, give MCQ class test, attendance tracking all in one place.

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