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Staff Deployment

Staff Deployment

The end-to-end recruitment management system

Unlike conventional hiring, we are providing holistic recruitment solutions through a hire-train-deploy model.

We offer much beyond recruitment. We delve deeper into organisational specific requirements and are able to match expectations with relevant candidate portfolios.


We do not stop here but invest in training and assessing these recruits to the specific client requirements and deploy as a certified or apprenticed resource.

We help source entry level to mid-level talent in skills such as PEGA, JAVA, RPA and Data Science, Web Development, and other niche skills.


The HTD Model


Client Requirement

Once we understand the client’s specific requirement, we work towards customising the requirement to the client’s needs.


The detailed profile for the said requirements is created after understanding the various parameters that are primarily, secondarily, and otherwise important.

Candidate Selection

We source relevant candidates who are promising and capable of fitting the client’s specific requirements.

Training & Assessment

Trainings that are aligned to the specific needs of the company are conducted by certified trainers and is carried out for the selected candidates. Post training the candidates are again assessed for the expectation match.

Client Deployment

Once the candidate is through the post-training assessments, they are fit to be absorbed to the organisation and be productive from the day one.

The HTD Model Advantages

Access Enjoy a large database of relevant candidates from fresh to skilled resources.
Time Time-driven practices that will save the internal resources training time and enhance productivity.
Cost Save additional costs on sourcing, training, and project management.
Support Mentoring support to the candidates from experts post-training.

Delivery Model

Serviced ASEAN regions with a lot of consultants over the last six years.

Expert team at sourcing, training, and deploying multi-racial and multi-lingual candidates.

Dedicated account management team that acts on a 24-hour response time and offer onsite HR support for consultants.

The resource quality assures low attrition rates because of continuous performance monitoring and feedback.

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