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A life cycle of training, assessment, and deployment

We create an advantage of screening and training to build the right human resources for client deployment.

At Ariston, we do not just offer career opportunities but believe in a full-fledged development of human resources. Our career initiatives are planned across a timeframe of strategic screening, training, assessment, and deployment. We do this to offer unconventionally trained, bespoke, and experienced human resources to be deployed at our client site.


employee life cycle

Hiring Process

Client Requirement

We assess and understand the technical skill requirements as well as the project requirements on a customised basis, plan and estimate the further needs.

Candidate Selection

We shortlist technical resources after screening them for their technical skills before presenting them to our clients. The resources shortlisted by our clients are then directed to specific training.

Training & Assessment

The training is carried out by certified trainers and weekly training assessments are depending on the clients' requirement yardsticks. The final training assessment is done through a written or application demo.

Client Deployment

Post-training and assessment, the resource is deployed at the client site, having accomplished the set primary requirements. The resources are then put across a mentorship program for a fulfilling career prospect as well as long-term deployment at the client's site.
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