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Testing COE

Testing COE

Best practices make the best products

When there is no
scope to falter,
testing is your
only dependable

Leveraging the best audience for your product would mean getting your product right in the first place. Devoid of gaps, errors and compatibility, it is imminent your product be suitable to the expectations of your customers.


Quality testing being an imminent parameter in the product life cycle, it plays a vital role in eradicating the glitches, making your product well acceptable.


We undertake rigorous testing of your products to reduce any risks, costs and compatibility by reducing your go-to market time and product development life cycle.  With an ongoing need to satisfy an audience amidst competitor product launches, updates and upcoming markets, testing your products will mean better credibility in the long-term.

We have mastered testing in different domains including platforms, applications and devices.

Functional Testing

Testing for scalability, reliability and security

We are masters of functional testing and have successfully delivered projects in regression testing, integration testing and system testing amongst other forms.


Defining yardsticks that excel

We build on your product performance based on a lot of research metrics and analysis of the expectations of your audience. Then be it speed, compatibility or design.


World-class testing platforms

We test consciously on Selenium, which is a free and much-adapted automation testing software. We are therefore able to bring down your testing cost to a large extent, at the same time provide undisputed service.


Designs that influence to act

Usability is the convenience of design and function that you are offering your customers towards an easy call-to-action. If your usability parameter is not engaging enough, there can be a drop on your site or application hits.
We are inclined to serve you with your test planning and consulting requirements with our efficient teams. We ensure rapid services abiding by your testing protocols that reduce your time to market.

Process Analysis and improvements

Meeting the protocols

We are on a perpetual roadmap of testing, analysis and improvement and adhere to certain protocols under-
- Best practices
- Automation
- Knowledge management


Data that guides progress

Our rigorous testing process brings you extensive reports on the-
- Coverage Metrics
- Defect Escape Metrics
- Weak Links, bottlenecks or memory leaks.

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