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The Minetrac Underground Mining solution.

Minetrac Underground mining – is a multipurpose system for enhancing industrial security in underground mining.

The Minetrac Underground Mining solution enables to detect positioning of personnel and mining machinery; it provides the functionality for collision warning system, voice communication, data transmission and telemetry.

Minetrac provides the in-shift control utilities for the central control room operator to manage the load and haul fleet based on real time production, inventory, equipment location as well as equipment cycles and performance.

Access Levels

Different zones of mines have restricted access with RFID at gate and tracking the in and out time of personnel.

Monitoring of personnel access levels

Due to geo zones with various access levels, an operator is always informed if the personnel are trespassing any forbidden zones or not. The reporting system enables to find out the access levels system violations and to prevent such incidents.

Positioning & Monitoring

An operator can receive data in real-time not only about the positioning of miners, vehicles and equipments, but also about the motion path of the monitored objects within certain period of time.

Controlling Work Time

The Minetrac system enables to register the personnel entry and exit times from a certain geofence. This helps to monitor positioning of personnel in certain zones of a mine and to alert a miner about the need to get to the surface. The data about events is stored in server up to 10 years.

Production Tracking

The systems help to count the number trips made by the vehicle in each shift and also keep track of the raw material which is been transited ,to calculate the production done in each shift and performance of the vehicle is also gauged.

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